In 1999 we ran two courses in Great Groves organised by the Small Woods Association. The first in May was on 'Managing a Wood  for Wildlife' and the second was on 'Woodland Archeology'. Great Groves is a very suitable woodland for courses as it has a wide range of habitats and biodiversity. We welcome suggestions for future courses.

Several primary and secondary schools visit the wood. Primary school students carry out work on the National Curriculum and enjoy the thrill of exploring a beautiful area of woodland. For many of the London children it is their first visit to the countryside. Secondary school children collect data for their A level biology courses. We are very happy for schools to use Great Groves and hope that more will do so in the future. There is no charge.

Students from both the University of Hertfordshire and Middlesex University have carried out projects in Great Groves. It is a safe site as there is no public access and equipment can safely be left out. We have monitoring equipment which we are very happy to lend to bona fide students for use on site. The information gathered all adds to the ecological picture we are building up of Great Groves.

The group of students with the longest association with the wood are from Capel Manor College in Enfield. Students on chainsaw and aerial rescue courses started work in April 1995 and they have since been joined by Environmental Management students. They have been responsible for all the coppicing in the wood which has been extremely valuable to us. The benefits are two-way because we have provided a reasonably large and very safe site. We hope that we can continue to work together.

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