The Hertfordshire Woodland Working Group was set up in March 1998 with the aim of monitoring the implementation of the Hertfordshire Woodland Strategy. The first meeting was called by the Wildwood Project Officer from the Countryside Management Service and initially the membership was small. It included a representative from the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, several private woodland owners, two Wildwood Project officers, two Hertfordshire County Council officers, the Director of Watling Chase Community Forest, a representative of the Timber Growers Association and the secretary of the St Albans Community Forest Association.

The HWWG changed its name two years ago to the Herts Woodland Forum to be concordant with other Fora supported by Herts County Council.

In the past two years membership has expanded and the Group has achieved a considerable amount. It has assisted in the appointment of Hertfordshire’s first Woodland Officer: It has helped raise the awareness of veteran trees amongst the District Officers and it has identified a series of woodland sites in Hertfordshire which demonstrate best forestry management practice. These sites have been written up in a booklet entitled 'A Guide to Hertfordshire's Working Woodlands'. It will be of particular interest to all those who own or manage woods or who are interested in the welfare of Hertfordshire's woodlands. It is available free of charge from The countryside Management Service Eastern Area, Little Samuels Farm, Widford Road, Hunsdon, SG12 8NN.

A member of the Forum has this autumn greatly expanded a 'Sources of Information' leaflet into a 14-page document. This is published on the 'Links' page of this website and is also available by email from

In September 2002 the Forum initiated the setting up of a Deer Management Group in East Herts. The work has been coordinated and supported financially by the Forestry Commission. One meeting has already been held and another is planned for the spring when it is hoped to estimate deer numbers on one estate. Anyone who is interested in joining this group should contact Peter Dewey of the Forestry Commission on 01296 681181. Further information on the progress of the Group will be published on this website.

The Herts Woodland Forum has published a leaflet outlining its main activities and including a Registration Form. Anyone wishing to join the wider membership of the Forum can obtain a leaflet from The County Woodland Officer, Environment, County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DN. Membership is free. A site visit to the Viscount Cranborne's Estate in Hatfield is planned for members in January.

One of the most recent pieces of work the Forum is involved with is helping to revise the woodland section of the Hertfordshire Biodiversity Action Plan. This work is ongoing.

Members of the Forum will be attending a conference on December 17th with the Conservator for the Eastern Region to launch the Regional Woodland Strategy for the East of England.

The Herts Woodland Forum continues to be deeply involved in woodland matters affecting Hertfordshire but it is also contributing to wider forestry issues. If anyone has suggestions of further woodland matters where the Forum might make a useful contribution, please let us know.

Herts Woodland Forum

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